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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest: Croatia, Bulgaria and The Netherlands

Daria - Celebrate

Croatia has participated in every Eurovision Song Contest since their debut in 1993. They’ve come in 4th place twice, and twice they’ve also not managed to qualify for the final. One of my top 10 Eurovision songs ever is actually from Croatia, that was in 2005 when Boris Novković sung Vukovi umiru sami and came in 11th place.
Celebrate is another one of the songs that is neither here nor there for me. It’s a fast, happy party-song, but there is something lacking. There are better songs in this category this year than this. It just doesn’t leave a lasting impression on me.
Croatia – 4 points

Poli Genova – Na Inat

Bulgaria is fairly new to Eurovision Song Contest, first participating in 2005 and coming back for every competition since then. Unfortunately for them, they’ve only managed to qualify for the final once, in 2007, when they came in 5th place.
As with Croatia and their entry this year, this is one of those songs that I neither like nor dislike and one second after I’ve heard it I’ve already forgotten how it goes. But it doesn’t annoy me or torture me, and I will give it an extra point for being in what I assume to be Bulgarian and not English.
Bulgaria – 4 points

The Netherlands
3JS – Never Alone
The Netherlands is one of the countries that has been in the Eurovision Song Contest since the beginning in 1956. They’ve only missed 4 competitions in all those years. They’ve won the competition 4 times, the last time in 1975, with the great song Ding-A-Dong sung by Teach-In. Unfortunately The Netherlands has also failed to qualify for the final the last 6 years. Personally I think their 2003 entry was very good, when Esther Hart sung One More Night and came in 13th place, I also quite liked last year’s entry, Sieneke – Ik ben verliefd, which didn’t qualify for the final.
This year’s entry: now here’s a song that makes me happy, that I find myself humming after it’s ended and I want to hear it again. I don’t think it’ll win or even be in the top 10 though, it’s not that special, even though I quite like it, but I do hope that this will be the hear that The Netherlands finally again qualifies for the final.
The Netherlands – 5 points


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