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Monday, May 09, 2011

Eurovision Song Contest: Serbia, Slovakia and Denmark

Nina – Caroban

Serbia has participated in Eurovision Song Contest since 2007 and actually ended up winning, with Marija Šerifović – Molitva, in their debut year. Since then they’ve ended up in 6th and 13th place and not qualified one year as well.
I didn’t really care much for Serbias winning song of 2007 and I’m not a huge fan of their entry this year either. I like the 60s inspired stage and clothes in the video, and the song’s not really bad it’s just not much else either. One of those middle-of-the-road songs, but they do sing in what I assume to be their own language so here’s an extra point for that.
Serbia - 4 points

TWiiNS – I’m still alive

Slovakia’s been in the Eurovision Song Contest only 6 times since their debut in 1994. They’ve never done very well, an 18th place being their best so far, and for the last 2 years they’ve not managed to qualify for the final.
The twin girls (I assume that they’re twins since they look so much alike and the group’s called twins) singing this year is quite beautiful, they’ve got good voices and the song is nice, but that’s also all there is. One of those songs that slip my mind the second it’s over, it hasn’t got anything extra, and I’m not sure Slovakia will qualify for this year’s final either.
Slovakia – 4 points

A friend in London – New Tomorrow

Denmark has entered the Eurovision Song Contest 40 times since 1957. They have won the competition twice, in 1963: Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann – Dansevise, and in 2000: Olsen Brothers – Fly on the wings of love. Twice they’ve also not managed to qualify for the final.
I want Denmark to be good, as a matter of fact, after their entries the two previous year, I not only WANT them to be good, I expect them to be sensational, because in my eyes and my ears the 2010 Danish entry Chanée and N’evergreen – In a moment like this, is almost as good as it gets when it comes to Eurovision Songs, only topped by the 2009 Danish entry Niels Brinck – Believe again, which for me might actually be on my top 5 list of Eurovision Songs Ever! And even though they don’t rank as high on my list as the mentioned two songs, I also really liked the Danish entries in the 5 years previous to 2009, and of course the winning song from 2000 is just excellent!
This year then… I’m not impressed, it’s not a bad song, it’s quite good actually, but as mentioned, I expect more from Denmark now, they’ve spoiled me, and the song New Tomorrow is just good and nothing more, but perhaps that’s enough?
Denmark – 5 points


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