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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Winter’s gone

Or at least, that’s what I like to think. I was sitting outside in the sun for about an hour today. The wind still has a chill to it, but the sun was quite warm – and the birds were singing, and in another couple of days, if this weather keeps up, all the snow will be gone as well.

For some reason spring reminds me of being in England. Even though I sometimes did miss Norway, I loved every minute of being there, and looking back I think spring in England was particularly beautiful, and now I miss it. Fortunately I have serious plans to go back to England around the end of March – beginning of April, and hopefully spring there will be every bit as beautiful as I see it in my mind.

Other than that: I’m working on my studies. My exams are on 15 and 20 May, and that still seems quite a bit into the future – but previous experiences have taught me that those days will be here a lot sooner than I think. And I’m writing of course. I am working on the next books in my series from the Viking Age, and I’ve also been doing some creative thinking around one of my older novels “365 Days” and how I can make that better, and I’ve got some very good ideas on how to change it. I’ve also been thinking of another opening to my fantasy novel “Dreamland” as it seems that I can’t get that story down on paper till I find an opening that I’m truly happy with. As I don’t feel I’m really able to work on three very different novels at the same time, both “365 Days” and “Dreamland” will have to wait for now, but I do think about them a lot and make notes on how to write or improve them. I’m very happy with how my Viking series is coming along.

And here are a few of photos taken in “my” garden at the house I rented in Chichester last spring. I miss that cottage so much, and I almost can’t believe it, but these photos were actually taken in early February – and even now in mid March the gardens are nothing like this here in Norway. Makes me miss England even more!