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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Back to reality

A one week vacation to Gran Canaria is of course much too short, but still it is nice spending a little time with sun and warm weather. Sometimes it’s hard getting back to reality after such a vacation, but these days I am so eagerly working on my new idea for a series that it actually feels alright getting back to “normality”. I still don’t know if my new idea is publishable, first I have to see if I can manage to write that first book that I’m satisfied with. But I can tell you that I have a fairly detailed synopsis for as many as 12 books so far, so I’m pretty sure it is an idea for a series and not for one book only. 

Since I came back to Norway on Saturday night, I’ve also gone through a final draft of book number 9 in the Sword Woman’s Kin series, and when I’m not working on this new project of mine, I’m thinking about book 12. It’s got a deadline towards the middle of this month, and I still got some research to do, because there are still too many things I don’t know about the Sami people. But this is one of the exciting things about working on a series like this, all the new stuff I have to look up and learn whilst writing. 

Right now I’m going to keep working on that first book of the new series and hoping to have that ready closer to the weekend.