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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Winter sports' back on tv!!!

I spent this weekend moving all my "stuff" out of the flat in Oslo and back to my new basement flat in Solör. Rather boring work!

The good thing about the weekend though was that finally winter sports is back on tv in full. This weekend I did find time to watch both the crosscountry and biathlon competition, where of the last is my favourite - I almost enjoy biathlon more than I do handball and that actually says a lot (well, for those who know me anyway!). The only dissapointment with the weekend's competition in biathlon was that Ricco Gross (Germany) did not participate, he is my favourite biathlete. But of course, watching Ole Einar Björndalen (Norway) win the competition on Sunday didn't feel bad at all!

Today, both the men's and women's team from Norway won the relay competition so I guess this is a good day as well.

Thursday, November 24, 2005


... and today I've got 15 workdays left with the Norwegian defence....

I'm going to England from the 15th to the 20th of December, one night stay in Winchester to see the city and the university, and the other 3 nights I'll spend in London. Really looking forward to this trip.

And I'm working on my application to the universities of Winchester and Chichester, will send them in about a week when I've gathered all the neccessary papers and written my personal statement.

On cruise

Yesterday I came back from a 2-day conference with the Norwegian civil service union, the conference was held on board the ship/ferry between Oslo and Kiel (Germany). There are 2 ships on this line, Kronprins Harald and Color Fantasy. I have in the past travelled on the Kronprins Harald lots of times, but this time I got to see the new ship Color Fantasy, that was launched in December last year – and I thought I’d write a little bit about this experience, because, well, it is a remarkable ship.

First of all I’d just like to say WOW! When you enter the ship, you come in at one end of the “shopping street” that goes through most of the ship on the 7th deck. I passed by the “Donkey bar” where people were already enjoying their first beer and immediately thought “I think I’m going to enjoy this”. Then there was the big color shop, which looked amazing, and the pizza restaurant, and the Tapas bar. This was what I saw before I got into the elevator and went to my cabin on deck 10 – and outside cabin. I opened the door, and started laughing sort of hysterically – because it really was that great! I must ad that I haven’t really been on that many ships, only those travelling between Norway and either Denmark or Germany, and they’re all sort of “tired” looking – there was nothing tired about this cabin. It was amazing, a big double bed, a really big window and TV – and well, it’s hard to describe – I took a photo of it with my mobile phone – so you can get an impression. I also immediately sent the photo to my father and to a friend just saying wow!!

Then I went for lunch in the buffet restaurant; the lunch buffet was very nice, but nothing special. As most other lunch buffets that I’ve tried. After that the conference started – and the conference room was really really good. Great chairs, great view of the ocean (to watch the ocean wasn’t of course the reason why I was there, I still think it’s nice to be able to see the sea and not only walls around you all they in a conference room). In the evening we first spent an hour in the Donkey bar, and then had our dinner in the A la Carte restaurant – and the food was really very good – and the crew working there were great as well. After that we went back to the Donkey bar, then to the show lounge. There was live music playing in the show lounge, not a very good band, but still better than on any of the other bands I’ve seen on any of the other ships I’ve been on. And the show lounge was way better than any of the other dancing restaurants etc I’ve been on on the other ships, it was sort of like a theater which made it possible to get a really good view of the whole room and all the people all the time. Still, after a while there I got bored, and I dragged the rest of my party to the nightclub – and this was really a fantastic nightclub. I guess one of the reasons I liked it so much was because there was a dragon hanging from the ceiling, and there were pictures of dragons, and armours and stuff all around – it sort of was the theme of the “Tower night club”. It was on two floors, and that first night there were lots of people – and great music.

Oh yeah, I also stopped by the observation lounge during that day, it’s on deck 15 – and sitting there you get a perfect view of the surroundings. There is of course also a bar – and piano music.

Next day:
Breakfast in the buffet restaurant was, well, not that great – ok – but not really worth mentioning. I wouldn’t advice anyone to pay a lot of money to eat there, I’d think that the cafeteria in the shopping street probably would be a better choice even though I never got as far as to try it on this trip.
We arrived in Kiel a little late, about 1030 – and the ship was to leave again at 1400, and the conference had a break during this time. Most of the other people on the conference choice to go ashore – but I’ve seen Kiel so many times before I really didn’t feel the need to. What I did was go to the Aqualand when it opened at 12. Of course, an aqualand on board such a ship – it really isn’t that big – but we were only 3 people there – so I had a great time. There were 2 jacuzzis, a slide, and a pool that was formed like a river going round and round. In this river there were such strong currents that if you just lay down in the water you were carried around with it – and you could get a really good exercise either trying to swim or walk against the currents. The best part was the jacuzzi, and the most fun was the slide that I tried 10 times or something!
Before the conference started again at 14, I went to the burger bar on deck 14 – nice burgers – nice burger bar!

That evening we had a Christmas buffet in the buffet restaurant, and this truly was disappointing. The food was dull, over-cocked and tasteless, I would never recommend this to anyone. Since the ship itself looks so amazing, it truly is disappointing when you’re served food that is everything but amazing!

Before dinner that evening I had had time to do some shopping. Both the Color shop and the other shop (that I can’t remember the name of) with clothes and accessories looked really amazing from the outside, and they had lots of clothes and stuff – but at what prices!!! I picked up a small handbag that I really liked, and it cost 1900 Norwegian Kroner – yeah, right, like any purse is ever worth that – not matter what name on it. That was the problem with these shops really, there was nothing cheap in them because all their stuff was Calvin Klein or some other famous name, and for those of us who don’t care much for what brand our clothes is – these kinds of shops are totally uninteresting because of their ridiculous prices. The perfume shop and the tax-free shop were ok; they had the expected products at the expected prices. I bought a new perfume, my legal 2 bottles of booze and cigarettes for my friend.

So, all in all, it is a great ship, at least it really looks great. When you look behind the good looks, it’s actually quite ordinary – but still a lot better than all the other ships I’ve been on between Norway and either Denmark or Germany. If you want to relax, eat some nice food, have some fun, for 48 hours I’d say the Color Fantasy is a good choice. I never got around to trying out the spa- and fitness centre, or the Gourmet restaurant, I also did not find time to watch the 1 hours show in the show lounge that is on 2 times a night or going to the movies, but I’m sure that too could keep you occupied many hours as well. One of the movies that was on while I was on board was “Charlie and the chocolate factory” – so the movie programme wasn’t terribly old either.

Well, that is basically what I thought of the Color Fantasy – and yes, I think I will be going on a new trip, just to relax and have fun for 48 hours quite soon again – as soon as I can find someone who wants to come with me.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Not dead!

Just thought I'd post a few words to let the world know I'm not dead even though awfully quiet...

I have a lot to think about these days, and could probably write a lot about that, but some of it is to personal to write about and other stuff I just don't feel like sharing with the world at the moment!

I guess it's just sort of getting to me that my life is about to change. It is a change a want, but still it is a bit scary.. I've spent the weekend packing up my things in the flat here in Oslo, my parents are coming next weekend to help me move it all. I will be staying at the flat for another 3 weeks before I finally finished with the Defence and moving out of Oslo for now, but since the flat is fully furnished I don't exactly need all my books, cd's, movies, clothes, and other stuff so we're moving it now. Packing it all up make things so real, and well, gives me a lot to think about. I also should be finishing my application for university next autumn, but is a bit paralyzed by it all...

Tomorrow I'm going on a conference at work, on the ferry between Oslo and Kiel and will be back in Oslo on Wednesday, so I'll also have to pack for that this evening.

On the 15th of December I've booked a trip to England together with a friend. We're going to Winchester the first night, then we're spending 3 nights in London. I am hoping that actually seeing the university and city of Winchester will make it a bit easier to finally finishing the application and, well, everything.....

So, that's mainly what's going on these days...

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I've got 25 work days left for the Norwegian Defence.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm sorry that I don't manage to post more here than I do - must be boring for those of you who actually surf by ocasionally, but what can I say, not much going on really...

My mind is a lot of the time occupied with my moving home to Solör naturally. I'll be going home this weekend to see how far along my father has come with my basement flat, next weekend I'll be packing up all my books, cd's, dvd's, most of my clothes - and well, most of my stuff, because the weekend after that my parents will come and help me move it all home. I will be staying in Oslo til Christmas, but as I live in a fully furnished rented flat I don't need all my stuff around me till then.

And the move? Well, both looking forward to it, and not... There are good sides and bad sides to almost every choice you make, so I've made mine and I'll make the best out of it.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Booze cruise

Of all things, this evening I'm off on a booze cruise with Stena Saga from Oslo to Frederikshavn in Denmark. The trips lasts for 24 hours. I'm not the kind of person who thinks this if the most fun to do in the whole world, but as my aunt and grandmother are going and they asked me to come I thought, well, hey, why not? Shouldn't be to bad as it is on a weekday, I wouldn't want to go on a weekend though. then the ship is crowded with people at the average age of 18 who are madly and stupidly drunk puking and whatever all over the place, and I remember being that old myself, and actually beliving that that was fun - but not anymore.

On this trip I'm just planning on eating some good food, having a few beers - and getting to bed early. I love sleeping on ships, it's the best sleep. And tomorrow I'll spend most of the day in my cabin, watching the ocean, reading and doing some editing on my novel. I worked on it last night, and I can actually now feel the inspiration coming back to me - the task of editing it has been a bit daunting, but now I'm finally getting into the right mood - I can do this! Spending tomorrow in a quiet cabin with a view of the ocean should be a perfect oportunity to get some more work done!

Tufte vs Vålerenga

Jippi! I've actually managed to get my hands on 2 tickets for the football match between Tufte IL and Vålerenga on Saturday. For those of you who haven't heard about either; Tufte IL is a football team consisting of nerds, that was put together in a reality show on TV Norge a couple of months ago. The idea of this reality show is to see if you can make football players out of 16 men who have never done anything athletic in their whole life, and who's interests mainly surrounds around the things that are often viewed as "nerdy". After having trained together for 3 months, they are on Saturday meeting Vålerenga in a football match. Vålerenga is the team that actually won the premier football league in Norway. The match will last for 2X15 minutes since none of the players on Tufte IL has got the health to play any longer than that.

I have so much enjoyed this reality show, it's so warm with a good sense of humour without really making fun of these guys. You really just recognize yourself in their struggle to learn something new.

So, yeah - I'm totally looking forward to the match on Saturday!