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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Listening to....

As always I'm sure you're curious about what I'm listeing to these days. Well, two very different "playlists" are my favourites on my ever so famous iPod these days. When I'm going out for a walk, this is my choice of music:

  • AC/DC - Back in Black
  • Metallica - Holier than though
  • Marylin Manson - User friendly
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Around the world
  • AC/DC - You shook me all night long
  • Metallica - Don't tread on me
  • Limp Bizkit - My way
  • Bloodhound gang - The Bad touch
  • Imperiet - C.C.Cowboys
  • Rammstein - Ich will
  • Chumbawamba - Tubthumping
  • Metallica - Enter Sandman
  • Imperiet - Guld och döda skogar
  • Madonna - Hung up
  • Marylin Manson - The speed of pain
  • Eminem - Loose yourself
  • Alien Ant Farm - Smooth criminal
  • Imperiet - Fred
  • Leonard Cohen - I'm your man
  • Eminem - Stan
  • Marylin Manson - The last day on Earth

So, this is what I'm listening to when I'm out walking because then I need something to sort of give me a push, a kick in the ass, so I keep moving at a high speed. When I'm not out walking however... that's a totally different story, guess I'm still feeling a bit blue, cause this is what I'm listening to when sitting in the sofa, with candles burning....

  • Alejandro Fuentes - Stars
  • Silje Vige - Alle mine tankar
  • Dido - White Flag
  • Shania Twain - From this moment
  • Dirty Dancing Soundtrack - I've had the time of my life
  • The Corrs - Only when I sleep
  • Björn Eidsvaag - Eg ser
  • Sissel Kyrkjebö - Where the lost ones go
  • Demis Roussos - Forever and ever
  • Sting - Moon over Bourbon street
  • Zillertaler Schürzenjäger - Sierra Madre
  • Ane Brun and Madrugada - Lift me
  • The Corrs - What can I do?
  • Dirty Dancing Soundtrack - She's like the wind
  • Madonna - You'll see
  • Björn Eidsvaag - Mysteriet deg
  • Robbie Williams - Angels
  • Backstreet Boys - Incomplete
  • U2 - Sweetest thing

That's the music in my life these days. As for the last list - yeah, I know, sometimes I am a bit girly, but being one, I must be allowed to be that sometimes too.....!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

One down, one to go....

I got a letter from the university of Winchester today, telling me that I am being offered a place in their MA Creative and Critical writing programme this autumn! Provided I achieve at least a band 6 on my IELTS test.

This is of course not a problem. I received the results from my IELTS test today. The test consists of 4 parts: listening (and writing down answers to questions about what you've heard), reading (and writing down answers to questions about what you've read), writing (two essays, one of at least 150 words, and one of at least 250 words), speaking (which is 10 minutes speaking with a professor). Band 9 is the best, it means you're an expert user. Band 8 means you're a very good user. Band 6 is actually only that you're a competent user. I got band 9 on the first two parts; listening and reading, and band 8 on the last two parts; writing and speaking. It's good enough. I am of course not happy about not scoring a 9 on the last two parts as well, but it is enough to get me into the university.

As I have told you before, Winchester is actually my second choice of university. So, I'll wait for the answer from Chichester now. I'm guessing they're waiting for the results from the IELTS test to reach them, it probably will in the next couple of days - and then I'm optimistic enough to belive that I will be accepted there as well.

I have also gotten both a letter and an email confirming that I am now a part time correspondence student with the university of Lancaster, and that my course starts in the beginning of February. Exciting days indeed!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Fun Fun Fun!

I'm back from my 2 day party cruise on board the Stena Germanica between Gothenburg and Kiel (Germany). It was everything I expected it to be, and then some, in other words it was fun fun fun!!! There's something going on all the time from the minute you set foot on the ship. Well, actually, me and my friend Dorthe who first had to travel from Oslo to Gothenburg for 4 hours on a bus, started the partying on the bus. We brought white wine, cheese and biscuts. By the time we reached Gothenburg we had drunk one litre of white wine - each....! The party just went on, lots of great music, lots of dancing, and lots of great guys as well...... Some time during the night I fell asleep, and the next day we spent in Kiel. First we did some shopping, but around 2 we went to our favourite "bierstube" Kieler Brauerei and started with beer again. The ship left Kiel at half past seven in the evening - and we were on the ship well before that to attend the "After Kiel" in the nightclub. When the time reached midnight, and the date was now 24th of January, we started celebrating my birthday as well. I guess I must be really getting old, because by half past two that night I suddenly felt awfully tired (after only 2 days of partying!!!) and went to bed. Yesterday, my birthday, I spent riding buses for 7 - 8 hours. First there was the trip from Gothenburg to Oslo and then back to Solör on another bus.

It's strange when you've been partying and having so much fun for a couple of days, you just don't want it to end and go back to everyday life. On the bus from Oslo to Solör last night, when I had said goodbye to Dorthe and the other ladies that we travelled with, I just felt so blue and depressed - I was SO ready for some more partying. Of course, I totally realize that if the cruise had gone on for a week or two, it might not have been as much fun as these two days were, but still....

And today it's back to everyday life for me as well. Studying, working on my novel - and waiting for the results from my IELTS test (the English test I did on Thursday the 12th). If I'm not mistaken the results will be sent out today so I should probably expect to get them in the mail tomorrow. I hope I did as well as I need to do. The results are sent to the universities in Chichester and Winchester at the same time - so now I'm also hoping that I will get an answer from them soon, letting me know that I have been accepted as a student this autumn.

Anyway, the weather is great in Solör today. Around 0°C and sunny. Since I've spent the last two days in dark, smoke filled rooms, drinking lots of alcohol I'm thinking that going out for a walk in the nice weather might be a good idea - so that's what I'm gonna do now. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The good thing I guess about having to spend the day by the computer while I'm ripping music is that I get inspired to write in my blogspot!

Now I've come to the point where I'll tell you about my trip to England (15th to 19th of December).

I went there with a friend, whose name I won't be mentioning here because he hasn't got a blogspot of his own, and therefore isn't "published" on the internet himself, and then, well, keeping him anonomus seems like the right thing to do.

Anyway, our trip to England was to start by the 1150 flight from Gardermoen to Heathrow on Thursday the 15th of December. The night before both me and my friend attended a Christmas party. This is an annual tradition with a bunch of friends, so we didn't want to miss it. We both agreed though that we weren't going to drink much, and we certainly weren't going to be late!! At about half past two in the morning I got back to my bed - far from sober - and at 8 in the morning I had to get up again. I didn't feel half bad, and certainly felt a little better when I got a message from my friend who told me that he was slightly worse than me because his head was killing him!!! My biggest problem that morning was stuffing whatever I still had left of my personal belongings in the flat into my big blue suitcase, because when I left the flat that morning I was also moving out of it. I had been planning for a long time to pack one small and one big suitcase, the smaller one for England, the bigger one to be left at Gardermoen till I got back and headed for Solör. I was amazed at how many things I actually had left in the apartment - and was sweating - alot - while trying to squeeze them all into the suitcase - I didn't manage with everything. And in the end left a couple of things that I thought - well, I can live without these!

So at the agreed time I got on the tram, one stop to the bus stop 3 minutes from the flat that would bring us to Gardermoen. Things went fairly well. I left the big suitcase at left luggage, and we got to the gate at time. Then the plane was delayed - of course it was, because we had layed a plan that included the plane landing on time, 1325 English time, and us catching the 1445 bus to Winchester. Our plane was to land on terminal 4, this meant that since the bus left from the central bus station on Heathrow we would have to get on the Heathrow Express to the bus station to actually catch the bus. So, 1 hour and 15 minutes for getting off the plane, getting the luggage and getting to the bus station didn't seem half bad. But then, as I said, the plane was 40 minutes late from Oslo airport.

The captain on the plane was not at all happy about that. He spent the first 15 minutes after we all got on the plane to explain why they were delayed. The Norwegians had decided to have a surprise security check on their plane that day - and he kept repeting "which they of course are totally allowed and entiteled to do....." and he didn't exactly yell you his frustration - but when he was rambeling on for like 15 minutes we sort of got how unhappy he was about this security check, without him actually saying much else than that this was something they were allowed to do!

Anyway, we landed on Heathrow at about 1350. The luggage arrived surprisingly fast, and we got the bus station at 1440. We hadn't bought any tickets for the bus, on the internet, before leaving Norway, because we suspected that planes might be delayed and so on - and if we hadn't caught the bus, there wasn't going to another one for 2 hours -and then we would have gone by train. When we got the the bus we asked if we could buy tickets from the driver - he was not very happy about this. He told us that he would prefer it if we could buy tickets at the ticket office, "it's just over there!". We asked if he was still going to leave on 1445, he said yes, we run in the direction of "just over there" - but there was no ticket office just over there, because there's lot of building work going on at the central bus station at Heathrow these days, so we couldn't find it. We run back to the bus and asked once more if we could buy tickets from the driver - and he said yes, but only if we had the correct change! He didn't seem very happy when I asked the price and then told him that I did indeed have the right change. Then he had to write to tickets for us by hand AND he had to get off the bus to find somewhere to store our luggage - but we did get on the bus and was finally on our way to Winchester.

It's about an hours bus drive, we arrived in Winchester at around 16. Made a stop at McDonald's because we just wanted to eat something that really was fast food. M friend suggested a cab to the hotel, but I had printed the worlds worst map from the internet and said I was sure it was no more than about half a kilometres walk to the "Giffard House hotel" and I'd like to walk to see a bit of the city. I turned out to be about 2 kilometres walk, and my silly little map was so small and so bad that we really had a tought time actually locating the hotel - but we got there in the end.

(JUHUUU! By now I've ripped 2 of the 27 CD's I'm planning on ripping for the iTunes library!)

The "Giffard House Hotel" is actually an excellent place to stay. I would recommend it to anyone. It's not very big, but the rooms are so exclusive, so nice, and the bathroom was amazing, so beautiful. It's in a rather quiet part of Winchester, but only about 5 - 10 minutes walk from the main street. A bit of a walk I'll admit if you arrive by bus and have got a suitcase to bring with you, but other than that - if you're going to stay in Winchester, you can't go wrong with Giffard House Hotel. Not bad prices either.

That evening in Winchester we went to an Italian restaurant on the main street (can't rememeber neither the name of the street nor the restaurant at the moment), it was very nice, great food! We had planned on going to a pub after dinner, but somehow, all the travelling and the probably also the Christmas party from the previous night caught up with us and we were exhausted, so we went back to the hotel at 10 and went to sleep.

The next morning we walked over to the university of Winchester, it was only about 5 minutes from the hotel. It's rather small, but I wasn't expecting anything else either, after all, Winchester is a city of only 50 000 people, and there are only about 5000 students at the university and many of them are mature part time students as well. It looked like nice place though, we even inspected the the are where all the students live on campus (even though I have no plans on doing that!) and it looked like a very good place to be a student. We walked for a little while around Winchester - and from what I was I gather that everything goes on in and around the main street of Winchester, outside that one it's a fairly quiet city.

We got on a train around 11. We were going to London that day, but had decided that we wanted to see some of the nearest big city to Winchester before we left; Southampton. It's about 20 minutes by train south of Winchester. We went there, walked around for a couple of hours, saw the football stadion (since my friend is a football fan, not of Southampton though - but anything that's got to do with football is worth seeing...) - and then got on the train for London.

In London we arrived at the Waterloo station. I was a bit tired after all the walking we'd done around Winchester and Southampton so I suggested a cab to the hotel in Earls Court, because that, I thought, would be faster than going on the underground having to change trains at last once - and it really didn't look very far on my map. I guess, know how bad rush hour can be in Oslo, I should've have been able to deduct that rush hour in London wouldn't be any better than in Oslo - it wasn't. The traffic hardly moved at all. The trip to the hotel took about half an hour and cost about £20. Oh well, if you're on vacation, you're on vacation....

The next days we spent doing typical touristy things. It was my friend's first trip to London, and we saw Trafalger Square, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Big Ben and the Parliament, and the Science museum. We also saw London Eye, but didn't get on it. We're both a bit worried about hights, and I've actually been on it once before, and it was neccessarily a very happy experience - it's a long way down when you're on top of the London Eye!!!

We did of course go to pubs, and on Sunday afternoon we saw the football match between Chelsea and ... and .... and.... some other London based football team, at a local pub. Earls Court isn't very far from Chelsea and it soon became quite evident that most of the people in the pub cheered for Chelsea. I'm not much into football myself, but I actually think it's an experience worth having to watch a match at a pub in England - they're all awfully excited about it. I spent more of the time drinking my beer and watching the people though, then watching the game.

On Sunday morning we went to Harrods. It was SO incredibly crowded we both got claustrophobic after about 15 minutes and left. On my way out I noticed a 3 legged massage thingy that was on sale for £10 and for 2 seconds thought about buying one - and then thought, ahhh, no.... In the evening back at the hotel I thought some more about it, and my friend also did - and we decided we hadn't bought much else in England, so this would be the great thing to buy.

The plan for Monday was that we had to check out of the hotel at about 1030 to catch the flight at around 1300 from Heahtrow. We decided to get up early, got to Harrods to be there at 9 to buy these massage thingys - should be plenty of time. We got the Harrods on time, and found it closed - it didn't open till 10. Most sensible people would probably then have thought to go back to the hotel, but we should never be blamed of being sensible people. We reasoned that since our hotel was on the same underground line as Harrods and only 4 stops away - we could wait till 10 and still get back to the hotel on time. We stayed till 10, rushed into the store, to the 2nd floor, found the things - and walked not so fast out of there. As it turned out, early morning at Harrods is a good time to be there - there were no people anywhere, just us and those working there - and at that time we would actually have liked to stay for a while, but..... At 1020 we left Harrods and run for the underground station, got down to our platform, and met a service person who informed us that this line was now closed and that we should find other means of transportation if we wanted to get to Earls Court!!! We hit the street and found a bus. When we got the hotel it was 1059. Luckily I had packed my suitcase before leaving that morning, and we were at Earls Court underground station at 1115 - and for once we were lucky - when we came running to the platform a train was just about to leave and we caught it in time. We got the airport around 12. I spent about half an hour checking in my luggage, and being irritated at stupid people. There are these self service check in terminals, and then you drop your luggage at a certain place. About half the person in front of me at the drop spot had NOT checked in at the self service terminals, and they were not allowed to check in at the drop spot either - but they kept arguing about it with the personell working there..... Anyway, at 1230 I had checked in my luggage. My friend, who's after all a bit more sensible than me - had only brough hand luggage - I, being a woman, was of course not able to do that - I mean, it's a 5 day trip for God's sake - how on Earth am I going to pack for that in a suitcase small enough to be hand luggage??? As usual there was a long line to wait for the security check. I was pulled aside and asked if I would agree to try out the new security camera they have on Heathrow, this is the one that when it photographs you remove all your clothes so you look naked. I thought, hey, why not - having your nude photo taken at Heathrow is also an experience not everybody gets to try! (and I also thought that if I refused I might be asked to actually remove all my close and would have then have a person in rubber gloves poking and examining parts of my body that I don't normally want strangers to examine...!!!) I was a bit worried about it taking long time though, but they told me it would be faster than the regular security check, and it was!

We got to the gate just as it was opening - and did then in the end catch the plane.

When we got back to Gardermoen I was to go to Solör for the night, because I wanted to bring my stuff there and officially then be moved out of Oslo. It was about -12 degrees at Gardermoen. I went to the bus stop at 17, the bus was to leave at 1715, and it didn't arrive till 1740 - a rather cold arrival in Norway I must say, waiting for the bus outside for 40 minutes.

Other than that - the trip back to Solör went well. I got back to my parents place at 8 in the evening - and got up at half past 4 in the morning to catch the 0540 bus back to Oslo!

So, what did I think of Winchester and the university? It was after all the main goal of the trip to see this place. I liked it. Winchester seems like a nice and quiet city. I did however not like it as much as I liked Chichester. And I also did not like Southampton as much as I love Brighton, which is the closest big city to Chichester. On the basis of this, I have decided that if I'm accepted into Chichester university - this will be the place that I choose to become a student.

And that was my trip to England.

(and by now I've soon finished ripping the 3rd of the 27 CD's that I'm going to be ripping today!)

What I think of iPod

I think I've mentioned in a previous posting last autumn that I won an iPod in a competition arranged by the Norwegian Labour Party in connection with the National Election? Well, I was quite happy to win it, I guess I still sort of am - but if I had actually spent money on buying this thing - I surely wouldn't have been very happy about the money spent.....

When I first got it I thought that well, I've used a lot of technical stuff in my days, so I really shouldn't have to read the manual to get the thing going. I mean, arrows up/arrows down, and then the enter button in the middle... right! So, having decided that reading the manual is for sissies, I started hitting the arrows up and down, and had no luck understanding how to operate the darn thing - and half an hour later all I had managed to do was set the language to Chinese!!! Now everything got a whole lot easier....NOT!! I'm not a very patient person, I must admit at that time the iPod nearly came to a very abrupt end after a fall from the balcony in our 4th floor apartement!! I managed to now throw it out - and reluctantly set to reading the manual - and it actually had a trouble shooting part in the back that told how to choose another language if you had accidentally chosen the wrong one.

This was the first thing that bugged me about the iPod - it's bit different from a lot of other technical things you use, like you don't use arrows up and down, you have to do a circeling motion to move through the menues. But I got it up and going.

When installing the Software, iTunes, I didn't pay much attention, just answered go for it everytime the installation programme asked me question. So I ended up uploading absolutely everything of music files that was on my computer to the iPod. You see, it automatically uploads everything that's in the library of iTunes, and as I'd said I wanted the library of iTunes to get it's files from my music catalog, oh, well.... I just thought, this is no problem, I can just delete all the files from the iPod that I don't want there. This is when I hit the second thing that bugs me about the iPod - this is not possible!! You have to delete everything or nothing. You can reset the iPod and start uploading everything from scratch, or be happy about what's on it.

Well, I got past this as well. Now I discovered that the only power cord accompanying the iPod is the one that connects it to the computer, to get more power you have to connect it to a computer, so bringing it on a one week trip to Gran Canaria is out of the question, since I've got no computer there. This was the 3rd thing that bugged me about the iPod, for a little while - till I discovered that you can, as an extra equipement, buy an adapter that allows you to use a regular outlet in the wall to charge it. But still! Really? This has to be extra equipement - why on Earth can't this be standard equipment??? I've ordered this adapter now that I bought the TV, DVD and Laptop - I thought, when I'm spending 26000 kroners on other electronic things, I might actually also treat me to the adapter at a price of 298 kroner!!!

OK! 3 bugging things so far!!

When I got the iPod I lived in Oslo. My computer had just crashed so I installed iTunes on my flatmate's computer and that's also the computer that I ripped all the music to that I wanted on my iPod. As all of you should know by now, I moved back to Solör at Christmas. I have bought a new laptop, but it won't be delivered for another 2 weeks.

On Sunday I'm going on this 48 hours booze cruise, for this trip I thought it nice to put some new music on to my iPod. I installed iTunes on my father's computer (which is the one I'm using till I get my own), and carefully told iTunes NOT to identify the "My Music" folder as the same as the library in iTunes. After that I found about 10 songs that I wanted to upload to the iPod, put them in the library, plugged in the iPod and got this question: "The iPod has detected that this is not the iTunes library you've been using in the past. Do you want iPod to set this as the new standard library, delet evertying that's on the iPod now and replace it with whatever's in this new iTunes library?" (well, it didn't say exactly that, but something similar!) Of course not!!! I've spent days ripping music into the library in Oslo, I don't want to do all that over again - I want to keep what's on the iPod now AND ad some new songs from this new iTunes library. I answered no to the question - and then nothing more happened. I tried once more, got the same question - said no this time as well - and nothing more happened! This is when I learnt about the 4th thing that bugs me about the iPod: when you change to a new computer, what ever job you've done in the past with ripping music to your old computer - you have to do it all over again!!!

What am I doing today?? Spending the day by the computer ripping music, to the iTunes library, so that when I want to upload this 10 new songs that I want to bring on the party cruise, I also get to keep all the music that I've got on it from before.....

What really really BUGS me is knowing that when I get my own computer in about 2 weeks - I'll have to do it all over again - for the third time!!! Or, oh, I guess I could somehow just copy the files from my fathers computer to my own, but I still have to do a job fixing it.

Why couldn't I just leave out the 10 new songs, and live with whatever's on my iPod when I'm on the cruise? I'm stubborn, that's it! When I've first set my mind on something I'm not very likely to give up before I've got it my way.....

So, I guess by now you might actually have understood how I feel about the iPod. It''s an ok prize in a competition I guess, but never never use good money buying one - there's got to be other kinds of players out there that are far far better than this!


When I was in Oslo last week I bought some films:
Bagdad Café

Cry Baby
Dirty Dancing
Monty Python: Meaning of life
Monty Python: The search for the Holy Grail

Just thought you'd like to know....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Not quite as dead as you might've thought....

You're all probably wondering what on Earth I'm spending my time doing these days, since it's so quiet in my blogspot? I'm now 2 weeks into my redundancy, and I just can't belive what's happened to these 2 weeks since New Year. I spend my days training (which I'm very good at getting around to doing almost 1 hour every day) and editing my novel (which I'm totally fed up with by now, and probably don't spend as much time working on as I should have!). I'm really looking forward to finishing the editing of the novel and then have the oportunity to start writing something new. I have sent the enrolement form to the university of Lancaster, for the Learning from home course "Writing your novel: getting started via the internet". I'll start on this course in February, and I think this will be a good thing. Then I'll have some deadlines every month for when I'll have to submit new pieces of the novel that I'm going to write in the 6 months this course lasts, and I really belive this is a good idea. And I might get some good feedback on my writing as well.

This Thursday I was in Oslo and did the IELTS test (The English test I need to do before I'm allowed to study in England) and I think it went very well. They'll send me (and both universities) the test score on Wednesday the 25th of January - so I'll let you know by then if I did as well as I think I did.

Yesterday I spent an awful lot of money buying a widescreen LCD TV, a DVD player/recorder with a harddrive and a laptop. We brought the TV and DVD player back from the shop yesterday and will have it installed during the weekend, the computer will arrive in about 2 weeks time. It'll be a good thing having all these neccessities finally in my own apartement.

Today I bought some more book shelves - I never seem to get enough of those!

As for my trip to England before Christmas - I'll tell you more about it in a couple of days time. Will give you something to look forward to, yes?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

So far today...

I've spent a couple of hours editing my novel, and I've spent almost an hour training. Not a very bad start on a Tuesday. But I'll admit, training today was tough. Before yesterday I hadn't been doing any training at all for the last 2 weeks, and then it's tough getting started again. I felt really lazy and out of it today when I got on the excercise bike, and my heart rate also showed that I was in bad shape, I had been pedalling for 3 - 4 minutes when it shot through the rough and I had a hard time keeping it down. I am proud to say though that even though it was no fun and I had to struggle to get through it, I kept on it for 50 minutes - and now I feel so much better.

If I can only now persuade myself to spend another couple of hours today working on my novel this truly will be a good Tuesday.

Monday, January 02, 2006

The first day

Today was the first day of the rest of my life! Well, every day is, isn't it? But today felt more like it than many other days, because when I got out of bed at 11 today (I was up a bit late watching "Four weddings and a funeral" last night, and after that I was up even later to read a book, the first one in the Disc World series) it really hit me that every day from now on and for a really long time I won't have to drag myself out of bed at the sound of the alarm. My life is finally mine again to organize my day the way I want it to be. This is a great thought, and a truly scary thought! What if I completely mess it up, and 3 years from now wake up one morning, to the sound of the alarm realizing that I've done nothing usefull at all with the last 3 years?

This first day then, I've spent working on my novel "365 days". I've told you before that I'd set a deadline for myself on editing it till Christmas, but with the moving and all there just wasn't any time. I surely can't complain about not having time now, so this is the first big project I'll be working on. The second project is training. I've been really lazy over the Christmas, and today I forced myself back into training again, and spent an hour on the bike and doing aerobics. I'm also planning on trying cross country skiing again, which I haven't done for the last 20 years, this should be exciting... I'll tell you all about it when I get as far as to actually do it and not only think about it!

My plans for January? Well, on Thursday the 12th I'm heading to Oslo to do the international English test, IELTS. This is something that the universities in England demand that I do to prove to them that I can master this language good enough to be a student at their universities. One should think that my 15 1/2 years of learning English at school and studying at the university should be enough to prove that I don't totally suck in English, but no.... So, that's what I'm doing next Thursday. And since I'm in Oslo that day anyway, I'm thinking I might do the quiz at Belfry's in the evening as well. That truly is something I'm going to miss now that I'm in Solör.

On Sunday the 22nd I'm off on a party booze cruise between Gothenburg and Kiel. This is a once a year happening, and it basically is 48 hours of partying. There are somewhere between 10 and 15 bands playing on the ship, and lots and lots of people who're only there to listen to music and party like the world is going to end tomorrow. I participated for the first time last year, and it was so much fun - I can hardly wait for this years party to get here. If you want to look it up on the internet, it's called "Nöjeskryssen".

I'm back from "Nöjeskryssen" on Tuesday the 24th, which is also my 35th birthday. My big plan was to celebrate this on the weekend after, on Saturday the 28th, but as the place that I want to rent to throw the party is occupied that weekend, and the next, so I've decided to push the party into the beginning of March. I my world every occasion is a good occasion for partying, and my 35th birthday most certainly is!

And that is this day, and this month I guess. I will of course keep posting and let you know of my progress in both writing and training. I am also expecting to hear from the universities during January, and I'm hoping for good news!

Hope the new year's treated you well so far!?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!!

The new year of 2006 is here, and so is my new life. I'm not sure if I've understood it yet though, that I'm now officially moved back to Solör. Somewhere in my head there's still a part that's thinking that I am going back to Oslo in a couple of days to go to work. Give me a few more days and it'll sink in. And tomorrow I must start disiplin my new life as well, that is, I have been given this great opportunity to actually spend my time mostly writing the next 3 years, and tomorrow I must start. I will be setting a goal each day on how much I'll produce, and I won't stop untill I'm done, otherwise I know myself well enough to know that there will be days when I have plenty of "good" excuses for why I can't write. I will of course let the world now about my progress, and also when my head feels empty and I've absolutely nothing to write at all, which is also bound to happen some days.

My favourite song entering 2006 is by the way "Lift me" with Madrugada and Ane Brun, it truly is a lovely song.