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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Monday 27th of October just around the corner...

These days I’m working very hard on book number 9, and when a draft of that is done I’ll be going back to editing book number 7. Hopefully all of this will be done by the evening of November 4th when I’m going to Gardermoen airport to fly to Gran Canaria the next day. I’m really looking forward to a bit of vacation now, it really has been hectic days.

Up until the last couple of days I have, believe it or not, not given much thought to Monday the 27th of October. But on Wednesday or Thursday this week I suddenly got a nervous feeling when thinking about the launch of book number 1 on Monday. There is of course already many people out there who’ve got a copy of the book since it’s been sent out to the subscribers of Allers, KK and Ute&Hjemme magazines, but it is first on Monday that everyone who wants to can get a copy of it. It feels a bit like either you’re it or not in this business, and I am very curious about what the readers will think.

I feel that I am within the ”boundaries” of the genre entertainment literature, but at the same time I do see that I also challenge these boundaries a little by having more action scenes in my books that I’ve normally seen in other books of the same genre. I hope the readers will forgive me for trying to renew the genre some what. It is of course important that the readers will not only be entertained, but that they also get what they expect when buying one of my books. I myself have, plenty of times, been disappointed with books in certain genres in the past, and I don’t want the readers of Sword Woman’s Kin to get such an impression.

On Thursday a journalist from the Norwegian National Broadcaster (NRK) district Hedmark/Oppland interviewed me, and the interview will be on the air on Monday. And today I’ve been interviewed by a local newspaper, Glåmdalen, and this interview will also be published on Monday. So it truly is exciting days. And now I have to get back to book number 9 of which I have so far written about one third. It too is very exciting.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Graduate

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


These are hectic days, and lots of things are happening at once.

I have slowly started writing on book 9 (the first thousand words) and I have made very detailed synopsis for this book. Now I pretty much know how it’s going to be. But, of course, some surprises will pop up when I’m doing the actual writing. I usually say that I often get very eager when writing because I’m curious too about all the details in the story. Usually I know where it starts, where it’ll end and the big major parts of the story, but the little things that’ll sneak their way into the story when I’m writing; they are often a surprise to me as well. But, book number 9 will have to wait for a little while, because there are actually other things higher on my to-do-list.

On Friday 17 October I have to hand in a large assignment on my Nordic language and literature course. It is a bit hard to focus these days, but I think I’ll make it this time as well. There are three different assignments to choose from and I have chosen to write about Ludvig Holberg and a couple of his essays. But, even though I am trying to focus on this, there are other things that draw my attention:

On Thursday I’m going to England for a long weekend. Friday is the day of the Graduation ceremony from the university of Chichester, where I earlier this year got my Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I’m really looking forward to this. It will be nice to mark that I have finished this degree, and it will be especially nice since my parents and an aunt and uncle are coming with me as well. Besides, it will give me a little break in an otherwise hectic time. And it will give me opportunity to meet with some very good friends that live in Worthing.

I assume that I will be photographed wearing the hat and cape, so you should expect to see a photo or two from this ceremony, on here, some time next week.