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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Heat wave

I could always blame it on the warm weather these days, and say that this is the reason why my blog is so quiet lately. But the truth is; I can’t really do that. I live in a basement apartment, and I’m one of the lucky ones who live with a pretty constant temperature of 24°C not matter how warm it is outside. So as long as I’m inside I’m really not that bothered with the heat.
Still, I find I lack a bit of energy nowadays. The only thing I do manage to do is writing job applications, and that is almost a fulltime job in itself. Everything was supposed to become a lot easier when nothing was to be written on paper and only on the internet. Perhaps some day it will be easier too. So far however I find that most of the employers do want you to apply through the internet, and quite a lot of them have different systems to do so. This means that over and over and over again I have to register and fill in every detail of my CV, and by now that is rather long, so now it quite often takes me 1 – 2 hours to register my CV and then write the job application. But, fair enough, I have time to do this, so… it’s just… Oh well, today I’ve been on a job interview, and I was told they will let all the candidates know next week who they’re going to offer the job to, so I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed. 

On the creative side… I’m not completely “off”, but pretty close. Mostly jotting down words and thinking a lot. But that is how life is at times, you can’t always feel inspired and full of energy, I’m sure it’ll get better, eventually.

So far I haven’t got any big vacation plans this summer. I was supposed to go to England for a week in September, to see Michael Jackson… Now I still have some flight tickets to use, and I have been thinking about moving the vacation up, and perhaps go for a week late this summer. But right now I’m just waiting to hear back on some of my job application, when a new job is sorted out, it’s a lot easier to think about all the other stuff in life.