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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Published translator

Since last summer I have also been working a little bit as a translator, from English to Norwegian, for Harlequin publishing. The first book I translated was by Barbara Hannay called Blind Date with the Boss. In Norwegian it's got the title: Dans på Roser. It is fairly easy read literature, but I really enjoy the challenge that comes with translating, and making sure that I don't "ruin" the authors work in the translation. And I also think that there are a few things to learn when having to study someone else's work as closely as you must when translating a text.

Anyway, the book is in the stores next week, and it actually is an exciting feeling to see my name on a book again, even if it isn't my own: "Translated by Lena M Bakke".

Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year

New Year and new beginnings...

This blog has been awfully quiet in the last half year or so. I must admit life's been rather hard since the beginning of September when I started working in a full time "day job". It was tougher than I had expected to both be working full time in a regular job, and still find time to write books, do a bit of training, have a social life and such things. Right now the last 4 months feel like a blur and a thick fog.

But, the good news: I am a firm beliver that only I can make my life better, and because of this I've now cut back on my work hours in my "day job", it's now a 70% position. And already I can feel my energy levels rising, I think it's a mental thing as well. I've never been a morning person, and now I'll be working from 10 to 15 4 days a week, and 8 to 1430 one day a week. And this really helps. I felt my mood even was a lot better this morning when I got up at 0830 and headed for work around 0940.

I am quite proud that even though the time till Christmas was hard, I have managed to write 2 books in a new series. I still haven't got a contract to publish this series, but I have had some good feedback on it, that makes me really optimistic. And if this doesn't work out, I've got so many other ideas that I'm also looking forward to working on.

Hopefully, cutting back on my day job will also give me more time to write on my blog!

Hope the New Year will be a good one, happy and prosperous for all of you!